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The Basque Country is now facing a historic
opportunity to solve the Spanish-Basque conflict. It
is therefore necessary that the only political force
that has really defended both the political and civic
rights of the Basque people comes strengthened out of
these 2005 elections.


To solve the conflict in which the Basque Country is
immersed. Those elections we are not just choosing the
colour of the next parliament. What really is at stake
is the negotiation process that will open with the
Spanish state after April 18th. We are facing a
historic opportunity to solve the conflict. But we are
also in danger of repeating the same mistakes. Other
political options will be gathering votes to support
their own party proposals. EHAK wants to go much
further than supporting a given project. Votes
gathered by EHAK will support the creation of a
negotiation table where all agents involved in this
conflict will sit together.

We seem to be the only ones understanding that peace
will only be achieved through a negotiation process
(others seem to be in no hurry for peace to arrive),
and on this we are fully supported by the majority of
the people of this country.

Further, a vote for EHAK will be a vote of protest
and solidarity. Once again, the Spanish state has
tried to marginalize the Basque nationalist left out
of all institutional forums. In the meantime, other
political parties, who claim to be against this
antidemocratic situation, are again hoping to benefit
from this policy, but they shall not. On those
elections, the Basque society has an opportunity to
probe them wrong on this policy. For this purpose, we
need a wide popular support.

Four yeas ago, people who voted PNV did so because
they thought that Basque autonomy was in danger. Four
years on, PNV has clearly shown what sort of future
they plan for the Basque Country. Don�t let them cheat
us again. Now, a peace process for the Basque Country
is at stake.


A negotiation process will open with the Spanish
state after April 18th. And it is paramount who is
protagonist in this process, as well as what is
negotiated. That is why is important that EHAK comes
strengthened out of these elections.


The Spanish state has tried by all available means
that the Basque nationalist left would not be an
option to vote for on these elections. Now EHAK
(Communist Party of the Basque Territories) has taken
on the flag of the defense of the civic and political
rights of the Basque people, as well as the aim for a
democratic scenario to drive this conflict to a
peaceful solution. That is why, on April 17th, we will
vote EHAK.